Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life Goals

I got hooked by a friend's Facebook Note. It was one of those place-an-X-here-if-you've-done-this-this-passed-it-along surveys that was being passed off as a Bucket List. One of the choices was Given Birth. I've not given birth. I don't plan on giving birth.

It got me thinking though. What DO I want to to accomplish with my life? What does the wife want to do that I can support her in? What things do we want to do as a family now that we are expecting in 3 months?

So I started looking for resources for Life Lists, Bucket Lists, Reaper Lists, etc. I found some interesting pages, but the one that posed some interesting questions was Creating a Bucket List - 100 Things to do Before You Die. Near the end they offer, "10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Bucket List".

Who do you admire? Why?
Google guys for creating a business that is innovative and has the commitment to do no evil.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for his philanthropy and his support for people who push the edge like the winners of the X-Prize.

Bob Cringely for his innovation and his insight into technology and business.

TiVo before they sold out on their users who like to Hack. They were innovative and listened to the community. When they stopped listening to their users and started listening to Big Media, they became old and stodgey, just like Big Media.

What did you always want to do when you were a child?
I was a builder. Loved legos. I wanted to be an Architect. I wanted to build houses and skyscrapers, and floating cities. I wanted to be an Aerospace engineer and build ships, rockets and space bases. I loved programming. I wanted to own a restaurant because I love to cook. Other interests included astronomy, lasers, holigrams and anything science fiction.

Makes for some interesting things to add to my List.

Day Zero