Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Currently debating my choice in VPS provider. Before November, I was a long standing user of TekTonik VPS service, but the price and limits on certain services had me go shopping for another service. The service I opted for was 1/3 the price and allowed me to run a Tor server.

Since switching over I have had a server issue due to high loads on their LA servers which the said was due to the high number of Pacific Rim users who VPN in to access U.S. content. After getting my server transferred to Chicago, there have been several datacenter outages and one service interruption/suspension due to someone using my Tor Exit relay for spamming.

I didn't have very many issues before the move. Now after the latest host crash I am debating the need to do a new round of shopping. I am not looking forward to having to transfer server setting over all over again. I wish I could run a virtual server on a virtual server and just copy the server from one install to the other.

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